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"at the crossroads"
at the intersection of State Route 12 and County Route 519  ~  8 miles west of Flemington, 3 miles east of Frenchtown, NJ
40.52N, -75.01W (Elevation: 515 ft)
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Baptistown Baptist Church

Welcome Home
Iraq & Afghanistan War Veterans!

Thank you for your service
And we hope that all of our soldiers still serving in Iraq & Afghanistan come home soon, too!

A new Crop is being grown on Kingwood Township Farms - Electricity....


Anyone who's driven along Route 12 between Baptistown and Frenchtown during the past few months likely noticed a larger solar farm being developed in what was formerly a hay field on th south side of Route 12, just west of Baptistown.

There are others being "planted" in other parts of Kingwood Township as well, but there's not much public knowledge about what's going on.

According to a post found at NJ.com At least one of the solar projects in our area is being installed by a group based in Texas named Sundancer Captial

Updated 4/1/2013
The Solar Farm on Route 12 west of 519 was completed by a New Jersey Company and is designed to generate 3.5 megawatts of electricity.

Springtime in Baptistown
(photo taken April, 2008)
view south on County Road 519 at Route 12
                interesection in Baptistown
The view south on County Route 519 as it intersects State Highway 12 at Baptistown in Kingwood Township, Hunterdon County, NJ. Although at one time, the Continental Army marched through this intersection, in the twenty-first century, farm equipment, pick up trucks, bicycles, motorcycles, horses, carriages and cars all share our roads...

Early Snowfall in Baptistown - 5-7" Snowfall - October 29, 2011
Early Snow - Baptistown, NJ
A very heavy and wet snow fell on Saturday, October 29, 2011 - Trees and limbs came down from the weight of the heavy snow.
This photo was taken around noon on Saturday - shortly before branches from the tree on the right broke and fell onto the phone lines.
By evening, 5-7" of snow had fallen. Power was lost in parts of Kingwood - and was still out on Tuesday.

Early Spring in Baptistown - 7" Snowfall on March 2, 2009
Snow Scene - Baptistown, NJ

Baptistown is a small community; settled by Baptists in 1720, it is part of sprawling Kingwood Township (35 sq miles/population density 100 people per square mile) in rural Hunterdon County, New Jersey and usesFrenchtown's 08825 zip code for rural mail delivery, although we have our own zip code as well. The friendly & charming old Baptistown Post Office - seen in the photo below - uses zip 08803 for local post office boxes.

There's not much here - The Corner Store, The Bank, a charming Italian restaurant, a motorcyle repair shop (which is renowned for its restorations of English motorcyles), the old Post Office, Kingwood Township's Rescue Squad and the Kingwood Township Municipal Building, a few churches, and of course, the homes of its residents.

1957 Chevy on C.R. 519 South in
Local Traffic - a 1957 Chevy Belair passes the Baptistown Post Office on County Route 519 South.
Baptistown Post Office - ZIP code 08803 - is one of the oldest in the country - established in 1822.

New Hours for Baptistown Post Office Service Window
(as of 7/1/15)
930-1:00 & 2:00-4:30

Baptistown Post Office - 908 996-3152

Our post office is small, and many other small post offices around the country are being consolidated into larger offices. Ours is threatened as well.

If you enjoy the service of our local post office staff - and want to do what you can to make sure that it stays open, you can submit comments to the USPS about Baptistown PO staff's great service and how much it means to our community.

Although mail is delivered to our area from Frenchtown, the Baptistown Post Office is our own local post office and offers great service and convenience to all of Kingwood Township and the surrounding area.

Please use and support our local post office and help to keep it here, serving the community. The next nearest post office is in Frenchtown, over 3 miles to the west.
from Recollections of Baptistown --- Jay Bee --- 1893
The Baptistown Post Office was established May 1, 1822.
  1. Wilson Bray was first P.M. appointed May 1, 1822;
  2. John Wesley Snyder - May 15, 1824;
  3. John D. Scott - May 2, 1834.;
  4. William Heath - Mar 24, 1838;
  5. Ellis Hulsizer - Nov 16, 1841;
  6. Andrew B. Rittenhouse - Nov 10, 1841;
  7. Albert K. Wagner - Apr 18, 1845;
  8. Uriah Larue - Jun 2, 1846;
  9. William H. Slater - Jan 5, 1849;
  10. Abel Webster - Mar 14, 1854;
  11. Moses K. Everitt - Mar 15, 1859;
  12. Abel Webster - Mar 31, 1860;
  13. Jacob C. Hawk - Aug 31, 1861;
  14. John B. Mason - Apr 19, 1864;
  15. William Rittenhouse - Mar 26, 1867;
  16. James P. Gary - Apr 12, 1869;
  17. John C. Arnwine - May 13, 1872;
  18. Augustus G. Vanderbelt - Feb 2, 1885.

Baptistown is small, but it's a nice place to live; a comfortable place to live and an historical place to study. History tells us that both British and American troops marched down the road shown in the photo above on the way south during the American Revolution. Many residents of that era served in the local Militias in support of the Continental Army and helped us achieve our independence from England. The old graveyard next to the post office contains tombstones that have sat there for over 250 years  The farm fields in the area have been cultivated for just as long. Kingwood Township itself was established in 1746 - thirty years before the America Revolution!

coming in to Baptistown from
                  the west
Coming in to Baptistown from the west (Kingwood/Frenchtown) on Route 12

notes: since Baptistown is a small part of the larger Kingwood Township, we include the link below for further  information. Kingwood Township Official Web Site

The First Order of Business

What will become of this tranquil little community?
Invitation to attend a meeting to discuss planning for a "Town Center" in Baptistown

Gombosi Farm along Route 12 near Baptistown

View of part of the Gombosi Farm along Route 12 near Baptistown


Kingwood Township Code - highlights of interest

Building Code - http://www.ecode360.com/10105230

74-1 Right to farm.
The right to farm land is hereby recognized to exist in this Township and is hereby declared a permitted use in all zones of this Township, notwithstanding specified and prohibited uses set forth elsewhere in this chapter.

Real Estate Tax info for Kingwood Township. http://www.municipalassessor.com

Kingwood Township Committee Meeting Agendas and Ordinances

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