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The First Order of Business

What will become of this tranquil little community?
Come and discuss the future:
Come and discuss

future in Baptistown & Kingwood Township

They text of the announcement below was based upon a flier delivered to our home and an explanation of why this meeting was being called.

The Kingwood Township Committe

Cordially invites the residents and business owners of Kingwood to a


Tuesday evening, July 1, 2008
5:30 PM
Municipal Building on the corner of County Road 519 and Oak Grove Road
(~.5 mile north of the CR 519, State Route 12 intersection shown above)

Main topic: To talk about a "Town Center" for Baptistown

Kingwood Township needs to develop a long-term development plan to fulfill state COAH (Council on Affordable Housing) requirements.

If no alternate plan is made, COAH could require up to 87 affordable housing units be built in Kingwood Township in the next ten years.

The Gombosi Farm property (west and north of the intersection, including the old red barn seen from Route 12 and extending up 519 to behind the post office and old cemetary) is already zoned "village commercial", is for sale and is and a likely candidate for building a "Kingwood Town Center" and affordable housing to fulfill Kingwood's COAH obligation.

What does this all mean?

No. It does not mean packing 87 low-rent condos into an old hay field. However, it does mean that some change is likely. We can let it happen to us, or we can influence the change that comes.

Be informed. Be involved. Come to the meeting and listen, learn, ask your questions and express your own opinion as well.

The normally scheduled monthly Township Committee meeting will take place at 7:00 immediately following the town meeting.

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questions, contact the
Kingwood Township Committe

Your participation is to your benefit.
If the residents of Kingwood Township do not come up with a land development plan the Baptistown area, some investor/developer will do it for us!

View North from Kingwood Township, NJ Municpal Building
View north from the Kingwood Township Municipal Building Parking Lot
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